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Age & Driving Licence

All hirer &/or drivers must be above 21 years old and possess a valid Singapore Class 3 Driving Licence issued by the Singapore Traffic Police. All drivers must have a minimum of ONE year driving experience.

Standard Rental Agreement

For every rental, the customers have to visit our respective outlet personally to complete a standard rental agreement, whereby the customer will enter into the agreement as the Hirer and any other authorized person will act as the Co-hirer of the vehicle.

Company Rental

For company rentals, customers must bring along their company rubber stamp whereby the company will act as the Hirer and one driver must be present to act as the Co-hirer for the rental of the vehicle.


All rentals are subject to availability. In the event that a booking deposit has been placed and the vehicle cannot be produced at the time of collection, the Hirer shall be assigned with another vehicle of similar capacity until the reserved vehicle is available for swopping.

Payment Mode

All rates quoted are in Singapore currency. Full amount is payable upon collection of vehicle by cash or cash cheque only.


A booking deposit is required for all advance bookings or reservations, and it shall be refunded to the Hirer upon return of vehicle and presentation of Deposit Slip.

In any case whereby a deposit is required other than booking purposes, it will also be refunded to the Hirer only upon return of vehicle and presentation of Deposit Slip.

Cancellation of Booking

In the event that a hirer decided to cancel a reservation whereby a booking deposit has already being placed, there shall be no refund on the deposit collected.

Late Return

Every late hour is chargeable at one-fifth (20%) of the daily rental rate.

The latest check-in time on a Saturday or eve of a public holiday is 1300 hours.

No returning of hired vehicle between 1300 hours of a Saturday till 0900 hours of the following Monday.

No returning of hired vehicle between 1300 hours of an eve of public holiday till 0900 hours of the day after the public holiday.

Traffic Violations & Offences

All traffic violations and offences committed during the rental of the vehicle shall deem to be the responsibility of the Hirer and/or Co-hirer.


All vehicles are insured under Third Party Insurance.

Standard Terms & Conditions

All other Terms & Conditions are stated overleaf of our standard rental agreement.